My Method for How to Learn Daygame

My Method for How to Learn Daygame

I’m still learning, but I’ve made such progress in the past year and it would be good to share a few thoughts on how to make rapid progress.

Volume is the most important thing. You must approach in volume, and as I said in my last post, an average of 5 approaches a day is about right. It is important to be in a larger city where you can get this kind of volume. In NYC this is no problem – there are enough women here.

First you start approaching, and just get girls to stop and give them a compliment. Even if you did only this, some girls would throw their numbers at you.

However, most of the time you will run out of things to say. You will have to develop a stack of teases and common conversational topics about nothing (weather, fashion, grocery shopping, whatever) and learn how to lead conversations about nothing and turn them into something.

Then you’ll start getting numbers (when you ask for them – took me way too long to be confident to ask for numbers, I know I left many numbers on the table).

With numbers comes the next level of learning to text, and learning to not care about texting. I only recently turned off my read receipts on what’s app and I felt better. Just send it and don’t worry about if the girl read it or not, she will respond if she likes you and won’t if she doesn’t. Knowing that she read it and didn’t respond will just trigger any neuroses you may have. You will develop some gambits and patterns or templates for texting. (Ping, Respond, Amplify, Respond, Seed date request while the phone is in her hand, etc.)

Then a girl shows up on a date. You need a date template to 1) have a plan, 2)lead her along that plan, 3) recognize when things are not going according to plan 4) improvise and try and get things back on track as needed.

A good resource for designing dates and date templates is Tom Torero’s valentines day gift to us. I have also recommended this video to my friends that use Tinder or Bumble to meet girls when they ask me for help with dating.

So after applying volume (5 approaches a day) for a while you will develop templates for the basic steps:

  1. Initially meeting girls and getting their number
  2. Texting girls to get them out on dates
  3. Going on a date with a girl

‘Yes’ girls tend to stick with the plan, that’s compliance and them helping you seduce them. ‘No’ girls deviate very quickly from your plan if they come out at all. ‘Maybe’ girls will turn into no girls unless you do something. Some people think that is game, as Nash says “Does she like you because you’re running good game, or are you running good game because she likes you?

Once you have all these templates and techniques and some practice, it really comes down to leading things toward what you want and connecting with her. Really getting to know her goes well beyond whether or not she is complying (giving you her number when you first meet her, texting you back, coming out on a date, kissing you on the date, etc.) and it’s really enjoyable when you are confident enough in yourself (through experience built upon successful templates honed by volume) to explore another person. Exploring and connecting to someone is independent of relationships, I’m not promoting R or K selection (long-term or short-term mating strategies) here, just selection in general.

It was not straight progress. I would often be stuck for weeks, trying to figure out how to be consistent. Things like not teasing correctly, conversational topics during a daygame approach, texting to get girls out on dates, escalating on dates, picking date venues were stumbling blocks along the way. When I hit a stumbling block then I would reread some or all of Daygame Infinite or Daygame Mastery (the new printing with the tacky cover art) by Krauser – what I was doing wrong was always self-diagnosable with those books. Whatever your problem is, it is very likely in there and if you reread them regularly, even if you aren’t having issues, it will help anywhere along the chain of events from getting her to stop to dominating her in the bedroom. I also watch Tom Torero’s video before dates sometimes to help remind myself about what to do or not do.

And before you ask: No, I’m not going to share my templates – they were built on my personality. Maybe they suck. Develop your own personality.

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