I’m now an Intermediate Level Daygamer

January 1st, 2020.

Just sent a girl home after spending a nice new years eve with her just chilling at my place. She made some food and I made some drinks and we watched a movie and had some sexy times. I sent a new year ping to many old leads from the past year and heard back from more than I expected. There is another girl I recently closed who is traveling for New Years Eve, so I didn’t have any scheduling conflicts. I will probably see the traveling girl later this week.

2019 Highlights

In 2019, I had the most significant age gap with a girl I closed. It was also a really fast close, 2.5 hours meet to close. She was a tourist. Over 18, but less than the maturity threshold (computed as half your age plus 7). I’m trying hard to preserve my anonymity and avoid revealing my age.

Dated a European film actress who “had a boyfriend.” She visited me at her own expense later in the year.

I went on a lot of dates in the first few months of 2019 that when I look back, I shouldn’t have gone on them – or I should have structured them very differently. I’ve gotten better at identifying time wasters (also with some advice from Mr. V).


Statistics update. 2960 lifetime approaches through Dec 31, 2019. 1849 approaches in 2019 (average of 5.06 per day).

95% of approaches were done in NYC. 5% in Europe. I’m doing purely daygame. I don’t use tinder or any online, and I think I’ve been to a bar for nightgame about 3-5 times total this year and maybe got one number, so these numbers reflect almost pure daygame.

I approach a surprising number (surprising to me anyway) of models, actresses, ballerinas, artists, and Russian speaking tourists that stand out (usually because of the way they are dressed, which is better than most normal American women). I am consistently getting a number for every 10 approaches, and approaching younger and hotter.

Some twitter guys who sell books claim it should be 1 in 5. But they don’t provide any context and they haven’t approached very much, if at all, in NYC as far as I know, and NYC is harder than Europe. Krauser says for every 5 years of age difference it is 2x harder, so I’m actually doing amazing. NYC is one of the big leagues of young attractive women, I’m doing fine and happy with my results:

A while back someone in the comments on this blog wanted to know what my approach to date ratio was, and I decided to compute it while I was computing other statistics. I’m getting a date for about every 40 approaches when computed over my entire approach lifetime:

Plotted another way, the number of girls i need to approach to get a date is 40 computed over all approaches, and if I throw out my beginner data as noise, it drops to 28-33ish when computed over a window of the previous 12 months:

Which, if you are doing the math, 1 number for 10 approaches, and one date for every 28 approaches, it’s about a 1/3 chance of converting a number to a date:

In 2019, I had between 4-10 dates per month (except September (1) and January (2)). Again, only from daygame.

Approach to Close Ratio

2960 lifetime approaches in a city of 8 Million People (~4 million women), I’m getting close to 1/1000 women in NYC, and that’s not adjusted for age range or hotness.

Closing 7 girls over 2960 lifetime approaches is 1 in 422 approaches. That’s not good on the surface, and both Jimmy Jambone and Bodipua were like “That’s an awful lot of work, you should probably give up and do something else.” But hey, that’s me reporting my lifetime statistics, because I bothered to keep them – maybe other people were that bad to start but didn’t record data. Recently Rivelino shared his stats, and people shamed him or mocked him (and some respected him) for his honesty.

Digging below the surface of the raw data, in the past 3 months, I closed 3 new girls, over the course of 270 approaches, or 1 in 90. 1 in 50 (claimed by Krauser and Torero) to 1 in 30 (my estimate of RoyWalker) is what one would claim as an advanced daygamer. Thomas Crown also had some thoughts. This is why, in my head (arguably the only place that matters), I am now an intermediate.

Toward the end of 2018, I had learned the mechanics of daygame approaching, I was in a girl tornado, and I knew how to escalate after kissing a girl, but it turned out that my texting and dating to escalate to the kiss needed significant work, and I worked on it this year. Mr. V also helped me improve my teasing during approaches, and that made a significant difference.

I wanted to compute how well I did this year to filter out my first year results when I didn’t approach enough. So here is the last year mapped out, approaches to close (apr-x) and approaches to close and near misses (apr-xnm) so I could estimate how well I am actually doing:

Near misses were girls I didn’t close, but kissed at least twice and tried to escalate on in my apartment. For whatever reason I couldn’t get them out again (over-escalated, LMR, they left the next day, met another guy, etc.). I computed this very conservatively. Girls I only kissed once were not included.

If I include my near-misses, over the last 6 months I’m at around 1/150, and over the last 3 months I’m at 1/100 (Oct-19), 1/70 (Nov-19) and 1/40 (Dec-19). Maybe I’m on a hot streak (after a cold streak this summer) but I think it’s more likely I became consistent enough that I graduated to being an intermediate. Looking at the data, there seems to be a clear improvement to my consistency after April 2019, so sometime between then and December 2019, I became an intermediate daygamer.

For those with difficulty comprehending the chart above, the spikes above 600 are due to computing a window over months and having a close fall out of the sliding window used to compute the stats. Having a dry spell of 3 months of near misses with no closes makes the 3 month approach to close ratio infinity – which I capped at 1200.

I’ve been very cautious about declaring my skill level to be anything other than a beginner. When the data started to level out consistently, and having finally achieved a streak of a new girl per month for 3 months in Q4 2019, this was the signal I needed to acknowledge that I was probably at the next level.

It was particularly funny to me when someone on twitter recently said something like “some twitter guru you are”. I’m nothing of the sort, I’m not selling anything, teaching this stuff is a thankless job. However, sharing my path – what progression of real stats look like over time is one way I can contribute – because there is so much bullshit out there.

I’m dating 2 girls now, so I have to balance that with continuing to approach. We’ll see how that goes. December 2019 I only did 25 approaches due to a combination of weather and dates and having a girl visit me regularly. This is also another sign I take of being an intermediate – being good enough that you have to balance dating girls you met via daygame with approaching enough to stay sharp and keep progressing.

I have a few ideas for what I need to work on to become advanced, but it can be summarized with more dates from more approaches and trying locations outside of New York City.

4 thoughts on “I’m now an Intermediate Level Daygamer

  1. Hey man,

    Liked this post. Always good to hear real numbers. One interesting statistic that I would like to know that was missing from your post was (using crude language) ‘Total Time to Lay’.

    You say 7 lays out of 2960 lifetime approaches, fine, but how does that look time wise?

    If each approach was 5 minutes that’s ~15,000 minutes approaching for 7 lays.

    So doing some math that works out to ~2,000 minutes approaching / lay or ~30 hours approaching per lay.

    Not so hard to fit into a schedule.

    If you do 1 hour / day of approaching people, that’s like a lay roughly every month.

    Just would be interesting to hear the time perspective on it.

    Like in the last 3 months, in terms of (approach time + date time) / lays, how much time did it take to get one lay?

    Has it changed as your skills improved? Are there ways you could optimize it?

    I know it’s kind of a crude cold look at it but it would be interesting to hear the time perspective if you are up for it

    1. 5 minutes per approach is not a valid assumption. I count blowouts as an approach. A blowout takes like 10-15 seconds.

      I don’t log my hours – it’s not a good metric – the yield of girls to approach is too random. Some days you can do 12 approaches in an hour, and other days it takes 3 hours to do 5 approaches.

      Yes, it has changed as my skills improved. I had my own feedback loop. But for beginners it is all the same. The path to intermediate is different for everyone, as we all have slightly different things to work on to improve our success. There’s no shortcuts or optimization I can give you – everyone is looking for that. The only path forward is to approach. If you read my other posts, you can get a feel for what I had to work on (overexplaining).


    That’s brave and diligent of you to put real numbers up. When talking to advanced dudes, they typically say that results are exponential in game. I think it’s really important for newbies to get an accurate understanding of what progression might be like. It’s not talked about much, I think mostly because this kind of progression curve would turn off a lot of clientele.
    My learning curve is roughly double yours (14/3k-ish), but it’s within an order of magnitude which I assume is true for most newbies. So we’re about the same. I also exclusively night game.

    1. Yeah, age (your age relative to the age of girls you attract) is a factor that affects yield too. I’m not revealing my age to help preserve anonymity.
      And non-daygame skills like running dates and escalation and calibration that need to be learned or unlearned can affect the learning curve and yield as well.
      I don’t know that I can agree to compare nightgame to daygame – they are different skillsets. I have done significant nightgame in the past, but now the quality at a bar (even in NYC) is so low relative to what I can get in the day, that I’d rather do daygame, and go on dates or read books or sleep at night. Anyway, glad you’re doing well, keep making progress!

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