Religion and the coming Red Pill Reformation

So Roosh became a born again Christian. I was a bit surprised when it happened. I’ve watched maybe 2 or 3 of his videos. Felt mostly indifferent. Then I started to connect some dots.

I have a few other friends who have studied game (they are offline – as in not on twitter – but they might read my blog) who have run the full gauntlet from being filthy players, knocking up girls and then hoping they get abortions (they did), to now being extremely christian, to the point of doing what is known as christian dating, which I must admit I don’t really understand. Their journey has been VERY different than mine, and probably will continue to be so going forward. A conversation with one of them earlier this evening inspired this.

I was raised and attended a christian church as a child and a teenager, but my early experience with church was mainly exposure to what is now commonly called virtue signalling. I equated virtue signalling with “church” like many in my generation, and was repulsed so thoroughly that I stopped going as soon as I was able. Called myself an atheist for many years – only recently I realized this was some sort of reverse signalling of my rejection of virtue signalling. Irony.

This is a daygame blog, why are we here? With a nod to the great prophet “Mystery” a pattern emerged over time: I got numbers from some girls in New York on Sundays, on their way to or from church (churches would have services multiple times during the day in NYC). It was a very international mix, from memory: Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Brazilian, Romanian, German, South African, and naturally a few Americans. There was a fantastic Ukrainian girl I met a few times and she was always dressed like a biker (on her way to church!) and she was always happy to see me, but always had a boyfriend (I asked with a shameless grin and she shamelessly grinned right back). Another one gave me some bread she had just baked with the old church ladies. A strange offering, but I ate it and it was delicious. I don’t think I closed any of the church girls. I got one out on a date, did not close.

I think daygame would be a superior way to meet girls who are christian if I were looking for that, but I don’t think I am at this time. Even though I consider myself lightly christian and not an atheist anymore, I suspect I don’t quite fit with their definition and expectations of what a christian guy should be like, and I’m not motivated to adapt to it. I don’t want to virtue signal to please girls, which is what it would feel like to me aka “nice guy” behavior. The church teaches this “anti-game” behavior, which is a real tragedy. I’m also still enjoying the benefits of sin and I haven’t yet peaked thus I am not yet ready to seek salvation. My suggestion for christian guys looking for christian girls, is that they should do daygame all day Sunday. The good Lord would be pleased by your approaches and will bless you with reduced approach anxiety as you are filled with the holy spirit.

It is also worth mentioning that in my experience there are some girls that are seriously Christian and play by the rules of christian dating (which I don’t get at all – we filter each other out quickly), and then there are a significant number of girls that say they are Christian, but really just use the church as a vessel for virtue signalling (these signalling types likely exist in other major world religions, and modern Los Angeles Buddhist yoga girls might also fall into this category). Those signalling girls are the girls that respond just fine to game; they are making an effort to signal that they are good girls, whether or not that is actually true. Nassim Taleb calls this cheap signalling.

The main reason for my personal shift back from the brink of atheism was just the realization of how much of an epic fail the Christian church in particular has been in recent history. Traditional values and roles for men and women were passed down by a tradition, and that tradition was typically a church (also applies roughly to Judaism and Islam). At this moment in time, Islam seems to do a pretty good job of teaching the roles of men and women in current society. I pulled a Saudi girl a few years back (the sex was fantastic, but I didn’t keep in contact with her because I was mildly concerned she would be stoned if her father discovered the messages between us – I’m serious, having her blood on my hands would feel shittier than not texting her back). For Christianity in the last 60+ years, values and gender roles were not properly transferred between generations and as a result more recent generations have had to figure out dating and game for ourselves. The church failed to uphold the traditions (e.g. defend against feminism), and sold out to virtue signalling. Is virtue signalling the result of feminist doctrine adulterating the church? The Christian church is broken. All the clergy and well meaning but horribly inept church ladies, and edgy “youth pastor” creeps and nice guy dads of the church couldn’t put humpty dumpty back together again. They are a useless congregation and not people I want to influence myself or an eventual wife and family.

The modern church has virtue signaling as the dominant theme (in my limited observation) and I don’t have enough data on if or how families form in church – from what I can tell, people meet outside of church and then form a family and then go shopping for a church for virtue signalling community and to teach their kids to virtue signal. That sounds pretty jaded. If you know of churches that are not like that, please try and sell me on it. I’m VERY skeptical, but I will listen.

What it would take for me to go full christian would be a church that wasn’t run by a wimp. That’s a tall order. So many priests are women (immediate fail), and the catholic church has been thoroughly corrupted financially and morally and there are a number of sketchy priests. The Mormons do seem to teach gender roles and motherhood (lots of urban lawyer type women have admitted guilty pleasures of following Mormon mommy blogs), but the Mormon guys I met all had a used car salesman vibe where their sales training outweighed their charisma, so it frequently comes across like a pyramid scheme – same for Jehovah’s witnesses. The Mormons probably deserved to be trolled by the guy in Kinderhook.

I think I would actually like to go back to a church, if it were full of a bunch of guys that had their lives together, and knew how to lead women, their women knew how to follow, and they brought their families and believed similar things. Almost sounds like a proper church. Sometimes this fantasy church would read relevant phrases from the original Gospel, known as the Bible, but other forms of gospel (e.g. the Mystery method) could be sprinkled in the odd sermon.

It would be a new reformation of the church. I don’t like using the term “red pill” but I’ll use it for lack of a better umbrella term. A red pill reformation is coming. Someone is going to do it. Maybe multiple people will try it. Maybe someone already did and not many people know about it because failure is an orphan. I don’t think Roosh has quite enough charisma to succeed, though he may try, and to be fair, he’s got way more charisma than that guy Rollo. It could also just be a search problem, and there may well already be small religious groups doing exactly this. Don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Finally, a reformation could be the wrong way to think about it, a red pill reformation could also just be Christianity dying with a whimper and Pre-Christian religions rise again, more along the lines of a bronze age something or other (I read his book, and it didn’t really grab me), taking us back to aesthetics and nature and might-makes-right and a more primitive pagan ritualistic paradigm. Perhaps civilization is an experiment that is soon due to end and we will revert to more primitive warlord and tribal cultures. Something will form, I don’t know what it is yet, but I’m watching for it.

By this point, I’ve probably managed to offend anyone who has any semblance of religion, especially people who ascribe to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or paganism, with a special twist of the knife to Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Good. Maybe the Atheists are amused anyway.

2 more loosely related thoughts that didn’t fit with the flow of my reformation idea above:

Christian wives are not a magical panacea that solve all red pill complaints. I was just at the DMV last week (where I got a girl’s number), and I was talking to an older guy who told me his sob story of his first wife. He got a million dollar settlement from a car accident, and put it in their joint account, and she donated all of it to the church. Dumb woman for virtue signalling, dumb man for not controlling his finances better. Poor guy. He divorced her and married again and seemed to do better the second time around.

There are a lot of good platitudes in the bible, and for some reason, many guys want to just follow truthy sounding platitudes on twitter, and “will not explain” makes me laugh each time I see it. Women do this too on Instagram with images that say “Live, Laugh, Love” in purple fonts. I try to have the discipline to block it when I encounter it on most platforms. But I do wonder if someone were to try and stealthily adapt bible quotes and feed it to these people, would it work? If anyone knows of an attempt, I’d like to hear about it. Not that I would do it, but I could envision some “youth pastor” using scammy twitter promotion harvesting tactics to promote “the word.”

27 “Look,” says the Teacher, “this is what I have discovered:”

“Adding one thing to another to discover the scheme of things—
28     while I was still searching
    but not finding—
I found one upright man among a thousand,
    but not one upright woman among them all.
29 This only have I found:
    God created mankind upright,
    but they have gone in search of many schemes.”

Ecclesiastes 7

5 thoughts on “Religion and the coming Red Pill Reformation

  1. Could not agree more about people posting platitudes on twitter (great alliteration if I say so). It’s just red pill virtue signalling. Stuff along the lines of “No matter what the MSM tells me I won’t be attracted to a fat girl.”

  2. Runner… really good post.

    I think you write well, but I don’t know that I have ever been so aware of it as in this piece. This piece, above the content itself, I could feel the strength of the writing.

    Really well done.

  3. > The modern church has virtue signaling as the dominant theme


    I was into some of the Buddhist stuff back in San Francisco (more for the mediation/philosophy than as a “religion”) and I watched Buddhism get sucked down into identity politics and never ending virtue signalling there too. Racial/sex-based quotas on who should teach, lectures that were more “color specific” and less/less universal. For me, that was a sign they had lost the plot entirely. So political. So distracting.

    Krista Tippett has an incredible podcast on all matters spiritual. She once did an interview with a guy named James Martin. He was funny, and smart, and really drew me in. I looked him up on Twitter… and he was howling about identity politics as well. Unfollowed him within a day or so.

    If there is something ETERNAL about proper theology, you can only make it so contemporary before I know you’re grifting.

    For individual study, Roger Scuton has great concepts here, coming at religion via a conservative outlook. He is brilliant. RIP.

    As for RED PILL LEADERS… I think Jordan Peterson (who was very interested in traditional religion) was a great hope. He has fallen apart, but we can “pray” he may rise again. I would have loved to have heard his voice thru the chaos of this year. He… is a man I would follow. Lots of people felt that way.

    I wouldn’t want to see my religious leader wasting anytime attacking “feminism.” I would love, however, to see the theme of PATRIARCHY taught. To be FOR something, and not against… is a kind of leadership I respect (and don’t always resemble).

    As for PREACHERS WITH TEETH, I can think of a few strong Christian voices on Twitter. When I see them again, I’ll take note and post them here. And ping them back to this piece, and see if they might consider adding a comment or two.

    Like you, I was born “in faith.” I spit it all out as a teenager (in large part as my stepmother was a bad spokesperson for Christianity). I was an “atheist,” too, for years too. And I now… I am very comfortable considering religion, particularly it’s ROLE. I am inspired by it all.

    In Game, I am about to challenge Pat Stedman about ROLES vs individually personalities in LTRs. I am a big fan of ROLES as helping us know what to do next. And for giving us strength when our “personality” might otherwise give up.

    I think religion serves a very similar function. And I respect it. Admire it, in many ways. I am a “dangerous bachelor,” but I’m pro civilization, and I admire the best parts of religion for knowing what is TRUE in a timeless capacity and setting people on the path, and bringing them together to do so.

  4. As promised, here is a religious man from Twitter that I respect:

    == Michael Foster

    “I’m a pastor who tweets about biblical sexuality… or am I an incel who paid a model to pose as a wife? You decide.”

    That is his actual bi-line. I love it.

    “I want my daughters to marry the best man that comes their way.
    “Every father does, right?
    “But I also want my sons to marry the best woman that comes their way.
    “We warn our daughters about the wrong type of men but often fail to warn our sons about the wrong type of women.”

    Redpill enough? Interesting guy.

    I also like this guy ^, who is a religious man with “teeth.”

    Check them out.

  5. Here is another religous guy, pro male, interesting account:
    — Gavin Peacock
    — @GPeacock8
    — Husband, father, Assoc. Pastor
    — Gospel, manhood, womanhood & football!

    Here is a POST from him from recent days:
    “A gender neutral society will never work because it seeks to suppress what is natural and unchangable in men and women.
    “Therefore it will eventually implode.”

    Another guy worth looking at that is a “Man with teeth,” and religiously affiliated.

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